LAVIDA is a community of professional lead consultants, researchers, and business developers.  LAVIDA works on filling the gap in data collection, analysis, visualization and interpretation in Energy and Environment, Business, and projects management. 

In LAVIDA, we believe that there are always knowledge gaps and emerging issues that require further exploration, and it is time to get on with deploying data for a clear pathway of success.

We in LAVIDA, aims to apply knowledge, tools, and practices to assist the relevant stakeholders and decision makers to be well positioned for such understandings and actions.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Growth


We combine the vertical integration and horizontal expansion for the targeted scopes. Sustainability is the backbone of all related disciplines and the major theme of our consulting services provision. Defining Sustainability incorporates exploring Business, Economy, Energy and Environment.

Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to pave the way toward the sustainable growth through presenting and interpreting data for decision-making.

Our vision is to provide a global platform for well-defined advisory services that are resulted from the accumulated experiences.


To meet the scope, LAVIDA conducts the research and studies by experts from different backgrounds, leading overall research chain with a zoom in data interpretation, recommendation, and findings.
LAVIDA has group of highly skilled supporting teams to manage many assigned tasks that include data collections, statistical analysis, and visualization. However, assigning project’s members goes through detailed selection criteria and on case by case to meet the customized outcomes.


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